About us

Hello, I'm Sedef.

As you know, in July of that “2020” year, my boyfriend's mother, Banu, gave me a wonderful red beach bag that she knitted with her own hands as a birthday present.


We packed the most unforgettable memories of the best summer we've ever had in this huge red bag.


When we came back from vacation, Banu had already released new models. Hats, bags… She wanted to sell them, so I started using the products.


When we got very good reactions, we started to take pictures of them and share them on an account, but we needed a good name.


We could not have guessed that such a beautiful brand name would emerge from the letters of the name "Banu".

This is how the adventure of Nuba, who entered our lives all of a sudden, started like this.

Without any preparation, without any planning…

We just found ourselves dreaming.

Such beautiful dreams that we couldn't help ourselves following them.

Nuba is an unplanned dreamer.

Now, the colorful and experiential personalities like Nuba itself; meet with the products that will fit their most unforgettable memories.

If you like our story, welcome aboard #nubalover !